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Applying to Nursing School

Saturday, November 6, 2010
Applying to Nursing School(by:-Mel Ullman)

When you're applying for a nursing school program, it may be helpful to check out both local campus programs and online nursing schools. Accredited nursing schools provide one of four degrees like online RN-to-BSN, Bachelor's, Associate's, and Master of Science (MSN). Registered nurses are one of the fastest increasing occupations in the United States, and you'll need to apply for a nursing school program before you can ever hope to get certification as a nurse and earn a lot of money in this profession.
Online nursing classes are offered by Chamberlain College of Nursing, Kaplan University, Saint Xavier University, and Loyola University. These four colleges comprise the top four online colleges in the nation for providing nursing school education in the United States. There is a current shortage of registered nurses so you may want to start out by getting an entry-level nursing degree. There are three different types of entry-level nursing degrees, and each one is offered by a different nursing school. There is the 4-year BSN, 2-year Associate Degree, and diploma. They are listed in order from highest demand to lowest in priority, and having the one at the top of the list can ensure you the highest job placement.You can also consider one of the various accelerated nursing degree programs.
A BSN is required for many jobs, and you can certify this by looking in your local newspaper. This is the primary entry point for professional nursing practice in the United States. The 2-year Associate Degree, on the other hand, concentrates more technical skills than theory, and this will allow students to earn money more quickly than they could otherwise. This is the entry-level nursing program for technical nursing practice. The diploma was the more common entry-level nursing program prior to the 1970s, and there were hundreds of diploma schools in existence at that time. There are now less than 100 such schools because demand has gone down sharply. A nursing diploma can prepare students for work in a hospital or other inpatient facility. Depending on whether you have certain career aspirations or not, this can seem limiting to you.
Different types of nursing school programs take place in different settings. The diploma is usually a 3-year program, the associates degree is usually a 2-year program, and the Bachelor of Science is usually a 4-5 year program. The diploma is oftentimes located in a hospital that often works with a community college. An associate's degree is usually located in a community college, and a Bachelor of Science  is usually located in a college or university.
Choosing an entry-level nursing program is a very personal choice, and it can take some time to make up your mind. It is often best to simply look through the job listings before applying for a nursing school program so that you can take part in a nursing program that is more amenable to your needs as a job seeker.


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